Domino & Juliette is an educational toy company making purposeful play safe, simple and accessible to all families.

Hi, I’m Cali, the mom behind D&J. I’ve spent the last 9 years at home with my little ones trying to keep my head above water while also helping my kids develop and learn. Upon frustration with toys that didn’t fit the bill, I set out to create something better.

Produced by one of the leading manufacturers in the world, our toys exhibit the highest quality and are safe, affordable, easy to of all they're bright and colorful!

I’ve worked with experts to make sure all our toys are educationally accurate and can be played with independently or with an adult using our simple activity guides and prompts. I can’t wait for you and your child to get your hands on them! 

Color Someone Else’s World with Kindness

With every purchase you make through D&J, we donate a 24-pack of crayons to a child in need.

Full-Family Inclusive Play

At Domino & Juliette we believe that play should be easy and accessible to everyone in your family and classroom, including children with disabilities.  We provide tips and support for parents and teachers to help include children who have physical and/or hidden disabilities such as autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other neurodivergence, to name a few.