Easter Gift Guide

@Chasing50toes' setlist of BEST TOYS for your baskets!


Here's our Holiday Gift Guide of BEST TOYS for kids AGED 7-10!


Domino and Juliette - Dominos Set

I always keep this set in my bag for when my oldest daughters get bored when we are at restaurants or sitting through sibling’s sports practices. The Domino & Juliette Dominos Set comes with 28 double-six dominos with color dots. Stacking and sorting the dominos taps into hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and number sense. Not sure how to play? Scan the QR code on the tin for all the different game variations and rules!


PanGogh Electric Griddle

Santa gifted my 8 year old this pancake art set last Christmas and she’s been making pancakes every couple of weeks this whole year! This is a great gift for a creative child who wants to cook independently.


Domino and Juliette - USA Geography Placemat

Want to teach your kids about the 50 states? How about the capitals? The USA Geography Placemat by Domino & Juliette is perfect for teaching children about the United States. One side features the state and capital names along with the neighboring countries and oceans and the other side is blank, perfect for quizzing. Each placemat comes with 2 printable children’s booklets packed full of fun facts about each state, how to read a map, what a capital is and more!


Buddha Board

My daughter received this water art kit from Santa last year and all my kids love it. The best part- its mess free!


Mrs. Wordsmith Storytellers Illustrated Dictionary

Mrs Woodsmith Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary has over 1000 words to take storytelling to the next level. My kids LOVE this book and I don’t regret adding it to our library. It is meant for reference when writing but my kids love reading it on its own.


The Ultimate Book of Challenging Riddles for Kids

The Ultimate Book of Challenging Riddles for Kids Ages 6-8 by A.C. Brooker includes 333 fun riddles, brain teasers, anagrams, and trick questions for kids. My kids read these riddles over and over again and love retelling them to each other! The book is small and makes a great stocking stuffer!


Usborne Pencil & Paper Games Book

Another fun book, the Usborne Pencil & Paper Games Book includes 20 different games for kids to play with just a piece of paper and a pencil. Perfect for travel or restaurants.


Domino and Juliette - Outer Space Placemat

Do you have a curious little explorer who is interested in the space travel? The double-sided Outer Space Placement by Domino and Juliette shows a map of the solar system and guide to space exploration. The placemat comes with 2 printable children’s booklets to expand upon the information shown on the placemat and provide even more fun facts for kids to absorb!


Brain Quest 4th Grade Smart Cards

Keeping with the education theme, The Brain Quest 4th Grade Smart Cards feature 1,500 questions based on Math, Science, English, US History & Geography. We have decks of cards from Pre-K to fourth grade and my kids love treating this like trivia.


Arteza Kids Colored Pencils

We love Arteza art supplies. My kids enjoy the Kids Colored Pencils they’re perfect for drawing and doodling for learning or play!


Emooqi Watercolor Paint Set

My daughter received these watercolors last year from Santa and she really enjoys them. Emoji’s Watercolor Paint Set comes with 48 colors, with 6 metallic colors, hook line pens, water brushes, and watercolor papers.


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Hide Inside! -Mixed by Me Kit

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Hide Inside Mixed by Me Kit includes 3 tins of clear Thinking Putty, 5 bags of mix in pieces, 6 color pencils, and 6 tin labels. My daughters love this putty!


FujiFilm Instax Mini

The FujiFilm Instax Mini is an instant camera with a built-in selfie mirror for easy selfies and features automatic exposure and flash control for high-quality photos.


Harry Potter Complete Boxed Set

Do you have a Harry Potter lover? If you’re not there yet, grab the Harry Potter Complete Boxed Set and get them started!


The Lemonade War

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies, is one of our favorite books! This one is cute as a family read aloud or an independent read. This is the first in a series of books by Davies featuring the same characters.


The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown is another family favorite. We read this one together and I’m happy we did because I loved it! There is also a series that is just as good.


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets

For the HP lovers, The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets is an easy, two floor build. It includes a posable Basilisk snake, different character figurines such as Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, and Tom Riddle, random wizard card tiles, and other accessories. Great to play with after reading!


reMarkable Writing Tablet

I have a reMarkable Writing Tablet, my children don’t…. but I think it would be a GREAT gift for responsible children! It’s a digital device that can be used for writing, reading, and sketching and the best part is that there is no access to the internet so kids can’t get sidetracked or in trouble with apps! Make writing fun with this digital journal.


Thinkpeak Binoculars for Kids

The Thinkpeak Binoculars for Kids are perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping, birdwatching or even just playing around. They come with a case for easy on-the-go fun!


Super Deeker Pro Two Panel

Another hockey favorite that I wouldn’t dismiss for any kid that loves sports. The Super Deeker is perfect for advanced hockey training but it’s also great for screwing around and friendly competition!


Bauer RS Inline Hockey Skates

If you are in the market for rollerblades, I highly recommend these. My family has 4 pairs of them, and they’ve survived some serious wear and tear.


JOOLA Kids Pickleball Paddle

Another fun sports gift is a pickle ball set! The JOOLA Kids Pickleball Paddles are perfect for beginners. They are lightweight and have a strong grip.


Bow and Arrow Set with Target

This Bow and Arrow Set with Target from Amazon comes with 2 luminous bows, a detachable target stand, and 14 suction cup arrows. Santa brought this for my kids last year and they play with if often!