Easter Gift Guide

@Chasing50toes' setlist of BEST TOYS for your baskets!



Here's what's in our Easter baskets!


Sandra Boynton's Greatest Hits: The Big Blue Box

The Big Blue Box includes "Moo, Baa, La La La," "Doggies," "A to Z" and "Red Hat, Green Hat" 


Domino & Juliette 123 Find & Fit Puzzle 

Squeezable, stackable and dishwasher rackable! This numbers and shapes puzzle has bright and colorful illustrations that are perfect for one-to-one correspondence. 


Fat Brain Toys - Whirly Squigz

The Whirly Squigz toys from Fat Brain Toys are perfect to keep your little ones occupied in the highchair, in restaurants, and on windows in the car. 


Domino & Juliette Squeeze & Stack Blocks

The colorful Squeeze & Stack Blocks are perfect for developing fine motor skills, spacial awareness, problem solving skills and cause and effect. What makes these blocks even better are the numbers 1-12, letters, and shapes on each side! 


Fat Brain Toys - Pip Squigz Combo Set

This fun variety set from Fat Brain Toys is perfect for on-the-go fun! 



Domino & Juliette Set of 4 Travel Placemats

These travel placemats are 9 inches by 12 inches making them a perfect fit for airplane tray tables and at restaurants. The set of 4 placemats comes with a soft canvas storage bag making your life that much easier! 


Check the Oven Card Game

My children love this fun game that's has a Go-Fish feeling with some added math (matches are made for sums of 12) and strategy (you are allowed to "bluff"). 

Sherlock Express

Here is a fun game that keeps you on your toes and is perfect for kids ages 5-10. This card game is perfect for on-the-go play! 

Domino & Juliette Set of Dominos

Our brand is built around all of the fun and learning that can happen with this tin of dominos!  We take our dominos with us for fun on-the-go in restaurants or waiting rooms. My kids love using the set to learn, play games and also stack and knock! Don't under-estimate the possibilities with this classic game!

Do-a-Dot Art Markers

Dot markers have been a hit in my house for a while. My kids enjoy using them for learning activities and crafts. I love this particular collection because they are lighter colors

Domino & Juliette Outer Space Placemat

The Domino & Juliette Outer Space double-sided placemat is perfect for curious kids looking to learn more about our solar system and space exploration. Scan the Bright Idea Button to download the printable booklets for even more facts and information!

One Two Many Rabbits

There is no better time to gift this fun card game! My 9 year old loves this strategy game that involves cards, 3 dice, some math and a lot of complex directions that she gets a kick out of! 

Domino & Juliette ABC Find & Fit Puzzle

Our number one selling product, the ABC Find & Fit Puzzle is the first of its kind in the market and parents and teachers are loving it! The pieces are made from food-grade silicone, making them perfect for sensory bins, painting and messy play. The puzzles are stackable, can be chewed and are dishwasher safe. The best part, this puzzle comes with a soft canvas storage bag!

Guess in 10 Animal Planet Edition

This is my 4 year old son's favorite game! It is enjoyed by all of my children (4-9) and is great for learning about animals. Each card has facts and clues including habitat and diet. There are many versions of this game but animals are a fan favorite here.

VTech Kidi Zoom Creator Cam

My girls are going to go nuts for this camera. I am so excited! I think this is a perfect gift for a tech-light family wanting to give your kids the freedom to create without needing to worry about the internet. Stay tuned for a full review!

Domino & Juliette US Geography Placemat

Are your kids curious about our country and travel? Are they ready to learn their states and capitals over snack and mealtime? Then the D&J US Geography double sided placemat is the perfect gift. Scan the Bright Idea Button for printable booklets with all the info on maps, states, landmarks...you name it, we have it mapped out for you! 

This Game Goes To Eleven

I am very excited to check out this fun card game from Gamewright. These card games never disappoint. This game mixed addition with strategy and humor and has been recommended many times by C50T followers!