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As a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom of five, I was frustrated with toys that don’t last, aren’t appropriate for young children, and are educationally inaccurate. Prior to mom-life, I had a 10-year career in finance working in a fast-paced, numbers-driven environment. Suddenly I found myself teaching little humans and managing a messy household without childcare. I needed our toy choices to be purposeful, efficient, highly engaging, and adaptable across age and ability.

Toys that are safe

All D&J toys pass rigorous safety testing far above and beyond what’s required by regulation. For example, our silicone puzzle pieces are large enough for the mouth of a baby but won’t break or chip over time. We even made them soft so they’re still safe even when things get a little rowdy! 

Affordable Quality

Our toys will always adhere to the absolute highest quality standards at a fair price.

Toys that clean easily

Picking up and organizing your toys is more than enough work...who wants to also worry about keeping them clean? We’ve got you covered! Our toys clean quickly and easily giving you the upper hand when battling germs or messy sensory play.

Toys that are colorful

Anyone else tired of “stylish” toys that are deliberately designed with bland colors? My kids simply aren’t interested in them! Domino & Juliette toys are full of bright colors while still looking fab in your playspace!

Want to see more? Catch us in action @chasing50toes

Here you’ll find lots of learning DIYs and simple crafts. Some of my activities are meant to keep my kids busy, while others we do together. Most of our messy play happens outside, but we love connecting at the table before or during mealtimes and snacks!